South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System (SYB ICS) has evolved from a Sustainability and Transformation Partnership in January 2016, an Accountable Care System in April 2017, to then becoming one of the first and most advanced ICS systems in England.

Following a review of the ways in which the partners in the ICS come together, new interim governance has been put in place for one year from April 1, 2019. The updated ways of working include:  

System Health Oversight Board - the Board is a joint forum between Executives and Non-Executives from NHS England, NHS Improvement, other national arms’ length bodies and health providers, health commissioners. Its focus is to respond to the national policy direction for health and implementation of the NHS Long Term Plan by building on the strategic partnership work already happening in 'Places' (when we say Places, we mean Barnsley, Bassetlaw, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield).

System Health Executive Group - a monthly meeting of Chief Executives, Accountable Officers and other health partners, building on the work locally in each Place and collaborative health groups across the system. The Group will meet to plan and deliver strategic health priorities which require collaborative working across the ICS footprint.

We also continue to work with our Local Authority partners to inform and shape how our system health and care partnership arrangements might be organised including a revised Collaborative Partnership Board (CPB) as set out in the NHS Long Term Plan. The CPB will meet on a bi-monthly basis while the partners consider future working arrangements.

Our agreement to work together

The following principles are the basis of our partnership:

  • Improving quality and outcomes – we will work collectively to improve quality of care and make sure everyone has equal access to high quality, safe services.
  • Inclusiveness – we will all be included in decision making and empowered to shape developments.
  • Participation – we will be involved in decisions that impact on the health and care services across the region.
  • Involvement - we will continue to work with the public and patients and involve them in ongoing discussions and through the Citizens' Panel
  • Integration – we will work more closely, between services and organisations, to make improvements in health and care.
  • Subsidiarity – we will support decision making at the most appropriate level. For example, the Joint Committee of Clinical Commissioning Groups has the authority/permission from each CCG governing body to make decisions on their behalf – as a region not as a place (eg, South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw rather than Doncaster etc).
  • Transparency – decision making will be transparent with information shared openly between partners.
  • Co-production – national partners will work jointly with us on decision making and delegation.
  • “Form aligned to function” – we will organise ourselves in the best way to deliver shared goals.
  • Wider system (NHS) focused – we will continue to make sure any local developments link with national objectives and decide how best to deliver national priorities locally.
  • Accountability – we will all keep our statutory (legal) accountabilities for health and social care and any commitments made will be subject to organisations continuing to meet them.

How we're working together

The ICS is not a statutory organisation but a partnership of the health and care partners in the region. Each ICS partner continues to make decisions for its organisation.

Each partner is accountable to the public through its Board or Governing Body and any South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw ICS discussion that impacts on those organisations, or requires a decision, is discussed at individual Board and Governing Body meetings. 

ICSs each have a System Leader, who is appointed by NHS England and NHS Improvement though a local process with responsibilities for local system oversight agreed.

Each of the five 'Places' (Barnsley, Bassetlaw, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield) is developing an Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) to further strenghten the relationship between the NHS and Local Authorities and improve health and care for local people. 

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