Partners' News: Don’t be tempted to increase alcohol intake

Monday 27th April 2020

Partners' News: Don’t be tempted to increase alcohol intake

As the world deals with coronavirus, Doncaster’s Public Health experts are urging residents not to be tempted to increase their drinking.


They are urging Doncaster folk to think about the possible impact of drinking, not only on their health but also on the health service, as many accident and emergency attendances are alcohol related.


Dr Rupert Suckling, Director of Doncaster Public Health, said: “Nationally, we know that alcohol sales are up by 22% in supermarkets and corner shops due to pubs and restaurants being closed.  Please think about the impact drinking can have on your health and the effects it can have on others. Also please don’t use alcohol if it has a negative effect on your mood or behaviour.  Drinking alcohol can sometimes contribute towards some people becoming aggressive or violent towards their partner or loved one.   Please think about your own and your family’s safety.”


Doncaster Public Health is part of the borough’s Alcohol Alliance, a consortium of agencies who are all working together to tackle issues caused by drinking too much alcohol. The Alliance has recently launched a Rethink Your Drink campaign via a website and social media.


The Rethink Your Drink website offers support and advice around safer drinking levels and the help available should residents want to cut or stop drinking.


“We can support you to keep your drinking at a  sensible level – or even reduce or stop it, please think about what you are drinking and how much.” added Dr Suckling. “Did you also know that drinking too much alcohol can also impact on your weight, looks as well as your wallet.”


Cllr Nigel Ball, Cabinet Member for Public Health, Leisure and Culture, said: “It’s really important to watch the amount that you drink. I’m urging Doncaster residents to not be tempted to drink more because they are spending more time at home.  If you feel you are drinking too much please visit the Rethink Your Drink website. It’s packed with lots of useful help and information and if you feel you need support, there are contact details of the Doncaster organisations who can help you.”


All residents need to do to ‘sign up’ for the Rethink Your Drink support is to complete an anonymous online self-assessment on the website to gauge their drinking levels.


For more information visit or visit facebook, twitter and Instagram and search RYD_Doncaster.


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