Support to overcome anxiety after cancer

Monday 30th April 2018

Support to overcome anxiety after cancer

There are lots of emotions to deal with when you have cancer, there is no right way to feel and everyone will respond differently to their diagnosis. 

There is now a service in Barnsley which aims to help people work through anxiety and emotions both during and after treatment.

An anxiety management course for anyone in the town who’s been diagnosed with cancer is being piloted for three months at The Well, Complementary Therapy Centre, based at The Core in the town centre. 

The course which runs for two two-hour sessions is being funded as part of a regional investment by Macmillan Cancer Support who have invested £2000 into the pilot project 

The Macmillan Living With And Beyond Cancer Programme listened to people who have been diagnosed with cancer in the town and found there was a lack of psychological support available for people living with or after cancer. 

Cheryl Roberts, Complementary Therapist, will run the new sessions at The Well.  Cheryl was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015; she explains why the course is needed in Barnsley: 

“ When you have cancer you’re on a cycle of treatment and appointments, you barely have time to take in what’s happening to you.  It’s when treatment stops your emotions suddenly catch up. 

“I was told that I was cancer free after my treatments but I didn’t feel cancer free psychologically.  I couldn’t shake off the anxiety or understand the strong emotions I was still feeling.

“It’s hard for friends and family to understand this, they thought I should be elated that the cancer was gone.

 “There’s currently no psychological support in the town that addresses this need. 

“We’re delighted to be running the courses at The Well, in partnership with Macmillan.  The two two-hour sessions aim to help people identify what they’re feeling, develop coping techniques which fit into everyday life and ways to maintain a positive attitude. 

“We’re inviting anyone who’s been diagnosed with cancer to join the sessions, even if it was ten years ago.  

“I know how it feels, as I’ve felt these emotions myself and use the coping techniques everyday.”  

Richard Metcalfe, Macmillan Programme Lead, Macmillan Living With And Beyond Cancer Programme, echoes the need for this kind of support in the town, he said: 

“ Anxiety can have a devastating effect on people living with and after a cancer diagnosis. 

“We listened to people who have first-hand experience of cancer to understand how our Macmillan funding could make the biggest impact. 

“Our partnership with The Well is an exciting opportunity to build the case for need for psychological support; we hope many people in Barnsley will take advantage of this opportunity for specialised support.” 

The Anxiety course at The Well (at The Core) pilot will run during summer 2018.  If you would like to join a group session please contact The Well on 01226 320134 or speak to your Clinical Nurse Specialist. 

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