An update on Covid-19 care across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw

Wednesday 12th August 2020

An update on Covid-19 care across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw

At the beginning of the pandemic, the Royal Hallamshire Hospital was the primary hospital in our region providing treatment for those people who had Covid-19 but as the number of patients rose, all our hospitals began to provide this care. Now, as numbers have reduced, we no longer need as many hospital beds available for Covid-19 patients and we’re now aiming for people to be treated at the specialist centre only again.

So from the following dates, if you need hospital care for Covid-19 you will be treated at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield as the region’s Centre for Infectious Diseases.

10 August - Barnsley patients may start being treated in Sheffield

17 August - Rotherham patients may start being treated in Sheffield

19 August - Doncaster and Bassetlaw patients may start being treated in Sheffield

We will continually review this based on the local infection rates and numbers of people being admitted to hospital.  Please continue to help us reduce the spread of coronavirus by following national guidance


1)      Why am I / a member of my family being sent to Sheffield Teaching Hospital for treatment for Covid-19?

As the number of people who are seriously ill with Covid-19 is falling across the region, we are aiming to transfer patients with Covid-19 to Sheffield Teaching Hospital for treatment.

This will allow patients to be cared for in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw’s only Infectious Diseases Unit, which is one of the best specialist sites in the country.

It will also mean that, wherever possible, we move Covid-19 patients away from the local hospitals. This will mean that the local hospitals can focus on providing more treatments such as cancer care and surgery.

2)      Why am I / a member of my family being sent to Sheffield Teaching Hospital, when I know other people who haven’t been?

Covid-19 patients are being sent Sheffield Teaching hospital while they are infectious, and if they are medically fit to travel. If your doctor thinks it would not be safe for you to travel in an ambulance, you will stay in your local hospital.

Also, some patients may be in hospital for a different reason, and then find they have Covid-19 as well. These patients will stay in their local hospital until they have recovered from the original condition. At that point, they might be transferred to Sheffield Teaching Hospital to be treated for Covid-19.

3)      How will I get to Sheffield Teaching Hospital?

If you/a family member needs to be transferred from one of the District General Hospitals (Barnsley, Doncaster and Bassetlaw and Rotherham hospitals) then they will be transferred by ambulance. The doctors at your local hospital will make sure that you are well enough to be transferred by ambulance.

If you are being taken to Sheffield Teaching Hospital from home or after seeing your GP then you will be taken by ambulance as well.

4)      How long will I be there for?

This depends on each patient’s circumstances and will vary between patients. 

5)      Will my family be allowed to visit?

In most cases visiting will be not permitted due to risk of infection.  In exceptional circumstances visiting may be allowed and this will be agreed with the nurse in charge

6)      How will my family know what is happening to me? Who should they contact to get updates on how I am doing?

You will be given contact details for the ward you are admitted onto and the ward team will be happy to provide updates to a nominated family member. There is also free wifi at the hospital for patients to use and we have Ipads so that family members can Facetime or Skype you.

 7)      How will I get back home?

This depends on how well you are. Your family may be able to pick you up, or if that is not possible you may be taken home by Patient Transport Services. Some patients will be taken back to their local hospital in an ambulance, for more care before they can go home.

8)      Who can I / my family talk to if we have any questions?

 You can talk to the ward team.

9)      Will I have to go to Sheffield Teaching Hospital for any follow-ups?  

No you will go to your local hospital or to your GP for any follow-ups.

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