Vaccination pop-up clinic in Sheffield Mosque

Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Vaccination pop-up clinic in Sheffield Mosque

On Sunday 31 January, Foundry Primary Care Network held a vaccine pop-up clinic at Jamia Ghausia Centre, Firth Park Road, the first clinic in a mosque in the whole of Yorkshire. 

In Sheffield, groups of GP practices are working together in their primary care networks (PCNs) to administer the vaccine to their local communities via one of 15 community vaccination centres.

Foundry PCN, which is a group of 9 GP practices, has the highest number of black, Asian and minority ethic (BAME) patients in the city, around 33% compared to 19% for Sheffield and has been one of the areas worse hit by covid. It also covers some of the most deprived areas in Sheffield. 

To encourage the BAME community to have their covid jab, Foundry PCN vaccinated the over 70s, extremely clinically vulnerable, and health and care staff with the AstraZeneca vaccine at the mosque. This will help with the plan to vaccinate all their patients in the UK’s top 4 priority groups by 15 February.

Dr Jennie Joyce, GP and Clinical Director of Foundry Primary Care Network said, “The mosque is the heart of the community. The covid virus has disproportionally affected the BAME community, so it is important we do everything we can to encourage people to be vaccinated. We know people are more likely to want to be vaccinated in places that are familiar to them and where they feel comfortable.

“I want to thank all the staff at the mosque who have been absolutely amazing in organising and promoting the clinic among the community. It’s been so helpful.

“We had a good response to the clinic today, so hopefully, this will be the first of many.

“GPs in the city want people to know that the vaccine is safe and effective. Some people may get mild side effects, but these will only last a few days. We’re hearing some people are worried the vaccines contain animal ingredients – they don’t. They are suitable for Muslims, vegetarians and vegans.”

Alun Windle, Chief Nurse and Covid Vaccination Lead at NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group said: “Thanks to the staff at Foundry PCN who set up the first pop-up clinic in the city.  This is brilliant and great to see so many people from diverse communities being vaccinated against this deadly virus. The vaccine will save lives.”

Alun added: “Some communities have legitimate and understandable concerns about the vaccines and we know there are often barriers in getting to NHS services, so by taking the vaccine to somewhere familiar will hopefully increase the number of people being vaccinated.”

In Sheffield, the community rollout of the vaccine started on 14 December. All 83 care homes in the city and over 80% of the 80s have now been vaccinated.

While it’s great so many people are being vaccinated, it is still important that people continue to follow social distancing rules for the time being including all those vaccinated. This is because we don’t know yet if people vaccinated can still catch and pass on the virus, but we do expect it to reduce this risk.


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