Local to you

Barnsley, Bassetlaw, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield make up the region of South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw. Partners in each place are working together to improve health and care and have developed Accountable Care Partnerships to do this.

Each Accountable Care Partnership (ACP) has a Local Plan and each sets out how partners will play their part in helping everyone to have the best start and a healthier life.

Each Plan has been developed by local doctors, hospital chief executives, clinical commissioners, council officers and patient and voluntary sector groups.

The Accountable Care Partnerships bring together the different ideas and initiatives that have been developed with local communities and local people already, as well as providing opportunities for people to give their views and to get involved in shaping their future services.

By focusing attention on local communities and the services, care and wellbeing needed by the people who live in them, we can support everyone to be healthier. We want to make the most of the skills of local people, communities and organisations to support people to lead healthier lives and care for themselves and each other.

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