Shaping Sheffield - Bringing our city together for better health and wellbeing

More than 60 organisations in Sheffield have joined together to commit to a ground-breaking new plan of action to support a strong future for people in the city.

Shaping Sheffield brings together and joins up the work we are all doing across the city, as well as looking at new ways of working to improve care and make services sustainable.

The voluntary sector, charities, NHS organisations, the local authority, transport providers, universities, schools and colleges, Chambers of Commerce, major businesses, police, fire and rescue – we are harnessing the collective energy of the whole city.

And the mission: We want everyone to live long and healthy lives, and to have affordable and quality support in place to help them do that.

People have told us that they want services to be more joined up: our individual and family problems and challenges don’t all sit tidily with one organisation so we need to change the way we work. We need to stop the frustration people face of going from one organisation to another to get the help they need. We also need to stop the repetition and duplication that is happening now, wasting time and resources for both patients and staff.

We have all heard about the financial challenge facing the country’s health and social care systems and the pressure all our public services are under. This is no different for Sheffield, and we need to find different ways of working to make all our services sustainable.

Areas of work

There are six key areas, which cut across education, health, training and work, transport, housing – in fact everything that can impact on our quality of life:

  1. People living healthy lives
  2. Strengthening communities
  3. Primary care for now and the future
  4. Community based services
  5. Hospital based services
  6. Specialised services

To see the full Sheffield plan, including a list of partners involved click here

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