Elective care and diagnostics

Elective care is planned care. You may be referred for tests (diagnostics) by your GP and need a further opinion, treatment or a procedure in a different setting - usually a hospital. When needed, we want this journey and experience to be as smooth, quick and effective as possible.

At the moment, some people in our region have better experiences than others if they are referred by their GP for hospital care.

More people are needing elective and diagnostic services and sometimes organisations don't speak to each other as well, or as often, as they could - meaning you may end up waiting longer than we would like to find out what treatment you may need and have your procedure.

We want to change this.

We want to reduce the amount of unnecessary or inappropriate follow up appointments and support the delivery of more care closer to home. So once you've been looked after, you don't need to go back to a hospital if you don't need to or could be seen somewhere else.

We will understand where certain treatments need to be provided in hospitals and make these specialist centres.

We will work with our urgent and emergency care colleagues to understand how improved diagnostic services could help make sure people are treated quickly and in the most appropriate way.

We will work to develop regional hubs for very specific treatments, for example neuro-interventional radiology, so everyone has equal access to specialist care and treatment when needed.

We'll also support community services to look after people when they go home from hospital to make sure they are getting the follow up or after care they need, either at home or close to where they live.

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