Maternity and children's

We want to ensure that children in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw have the best possible start in life. Much of that starts with keeping families well and receiving good maternity care.

We need to make sure our maternity services are high quality and accessible across all local communities, ensuring all South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw families have safe maternity care and continuity of care for the first few years of their child's life.

This also links to working across the region to develop seven day services for all patients needing care and working as a network to make sure it is possible.

Healthcare organisations came together in 2014 and identified significant challenges around workforce and skills within children's surgery and anaesthesia services, and we knew that these challenges meant that some people in our region were receiving better care than others. We came together to change it to make sure that everyone in our region had access to the best possible surgical care for children when needed. By working as a network we were able to change the way some children's surgery services are delivered - offering our staff more opportunities to develop their skills and making sure all children who need an operation at night, or at a weekend, are able to get the best care possible when they need it.

We also know that there are strong, and much needed links, between maternity, children's and neonatal care services - so we are looking at all these services together to make sure they are safe, high quality and in the best place to meet people's needs.


We want to give women in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw more control and choice over the birth of their children, we want families as a whole to be healthy and we want all services for children to be joined up and the best they can be.

To help us make sure we have this, we are looking at:

Care of the acutely unwell child

Working together for better births

Maternity and the review of hospital services 


We would also like to hear your views about a health information website we are thinking of developing for pregnant women, children, young people and their families.  Click here if you are a parent/ carer or are pregnant and would like to give your views


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