Urgent and emergency care

We are committed to having urgent care services in each of our local places so that people will always have somewhere to go in an emergency situation.

Our vision for urgent and emergency care in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw is to ensure we have high quality primary and community urgent care services (for treating non-life threatening injuries or conditions). We want the urgent and emergency care services within our hospitals to be the best - with world-class facilities and the specialist expertise to treat and care for those with serious or life threatening emergency needs.

To help us achieve this, we need to work together across the region to make sure our services are fit for purpose, sustainable and are meeting the needs of our local population. To meet local and national priorities, we will:

  • Take a holistic approach to services - looking at them as a whole and not just in individual places
  • Provide seamless care with better signposting to services available, eg, walk-in services, pharmacy care and A&E departments
  • Link with colleagues looking at digital technology to make sure we're offering the most up to date services and treatments
  • Work as a network so that care is given at the right time by the right staff in the right place with the right equipment
  • Reshape services where necessary to provide the best patient care and experience.
  • Transform services in the community, working closely with primary care colleagues and community teams to meet the needs of patients close to their home/where they live to make sure that only the people most in need will go to hospital, where experts will be better able to look after people quickly.

Over the coming months we will develop a number of initiatives, including the sharing of best practice, to help us achieve our goal of the highest quality urgent and emergency care services across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw - including urgent and emergency mental health services and signposting.

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