Working together as a network

To give you the best services, we need the right staff, the right systems and even the right buildings.

Developing and supporting our staff is important. To provide the best service for you, we need the right people, with the right skills in the right place and at the right time – whether this is in general practice, the community and neighbourhoods or in hospitals.

A flexible workforce working across a number of locations is key - but our staff will only be able to do their jobs if they have the right digital and IT services to support them. You know yourself how good technology can transform your life. It's the same for health and care staff. We want to give them the right technology so they can help you more easily and quickly and feel they are doing a great job at the same time.

We're also building on the work of the Working Together Partnership Vanguard. The team has been looking at simplifying what are known as 'back office' services - such as payroll, finance, human resources, legal services, procurement services, information management and technology, estates, and governance and risk. The idea is we get rid of a lot of needless duplication. We think that working together to improve support services will be more efficient, cost-effective and provide more opportunities to support health and care staff and services.

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