Healthcare Science Council

The Council ensures the potential of this diverse group of professions is fully maximised in transforming Health and Care at local, Place and System level by providing a hub of Healthcare Science Council expertise and advice.

A healthcare science is a term used to describe a group of health professions that are underpinned by clinical, technical and academic knowledge.

With over 50,000 healthcare scientists working in the NHS and public health services, there are a range of opportunities to be a part of this under-represented workforce; they provide the scientific backbone of the NHS and their work underpins 80% of all diagnoses.

The role of healthcare scientist stretches over more than 50 specialisms which can be categorised into four groupings:

  • Life Sciences (Pathology) – e.g. Clinical Immunology
  • Physiological Sciences e.g. Cardiac Physiology
  • Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering e.g. Nuclear medicine
  • Bioinformatics e.g. Computer science and Modelling

South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System recognises the potential of harnessing this workforce to drive change and meet the health and care needs across 1.5 million people in the region.

As set out in our new Five Year Plan, we have set up professional councils and clinical reference groups including Allied Health Professionals - and Healthcare Scientists Councils.

Did you know?

*     50,000 healthcare scientists in England

*     5% of workforce in NHS

*     Contribute to 80% of clinical decisions

What professions are included in Healthcare Science?

There are many different educational and vocational routes to entering the healthcare science workforce.  Depending on the level of study this can range from associate or assistant level, to practitioner, and full progression leads to a healthcare scientist.

Routes into Healthcare Science - see diagram below


Gwen Ellis

Healthcare Science needs to be promoted as an important part of collaborative working. Collaborative working is an essential part of developing effective healthcare systems for integrated care." Read more

How can I find out more?

South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System:

Mandy Scott - Healthcare Science Lead


Place Contacts for Healthcare Science Representatives:

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Harriet Crook           Trust  Organisational Lead for Healthcare Science

Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Howard Briggs                 Interim Healthcare Science Lead

Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Zoe Clarke                        Lead Healthcare Scientist

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Duncan White            Consultant Physicist




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