Primary care

We will reshape primary and community based care to help connect local services and strengthen the support available to patients close to their homes

In recent years the amount of people visiting their local doctor (GP) has increased - often beyond the level that GP and practice staff are able to cope with as the increased pressure has not matched the amount of staff we have available or can pay for.

Primary care services are therefore central to our plans of having more care closer to home - and working together with our GPs is vital.

By bringing GPs, community pharmacists, social workers, hospital doctors and community nursing teams together within neighbourhoods, we will help to connect social and medical services.

Our GPs will lead on prevention and will work more closely with social care and voluntary sector partners to better look after people with complex or multiple long term conditions.

Nationally, an extra £2.4 billion will be invested into GP practices and primary care to help local places improve the care patients receive.

Working together for primary care, we will focus on:

  • Delivering primary care at scale - GP practices will work together with others in their area as 'federations' to increase the amount of type of services that can be delivered locally
  • Prevention - We will empower primary care nurses and health care assistants to make connections and referrals to other services available locally, to help patients with wider social or wellbeing problems
  • Managing long term conditions - GPs will be the senior decision making for the care and treatment of people with multiple or long term conditions
  • Urgent and elective care - We will increase the amount of urgent primary care services available in local communities, eg out of hours or at a weekend
  • Children's health - We will give all children the best possible start in life by working with our children's and maternity colleagues and focus on early education
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